Khamis, 17 Februari 2011

love u !

you aren`t going to be his first,his last,or his only.
he`s loved before.he will love again.but if he loves you now.
what else matters?he`s not aren`t either.
and the two of you laugh at least once,
cause you to think twice, 
and admits to being human and making mistakes,
hold on to him and give him the most you can.
he`s not going to quote poetry moment.but he will give you 
a part of him that he knows you can break.
so,don`t hurt him.don`t change him.don`t expect more 
that he cam give you.try not to over - ananze.
smile when he makes you happy,yell when he makes you mad.
and miss him.when he`s not there.

 i love you !

love you where you are .
love you if you love me .
love you so much that much .
ily :)

miss you gile vavi lah .
miss you sampai mau jadi gilee .
miss you tahad gamban .

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