Ahad, 13 Februari 2011

 this story about my friend , my best friend !
i gasp like my sister or my twins .
ther name are arah+ila+ira+che+una+saza+tipah+tyrah+pykah+intan
i love you all very-very much lah .
i hope you all love me like i love you all .
i`m luky cause i have friend like you all . 
ther very nice persone .
you all so useful and so pretty .
although fierce , but inside it so soft . 
if i in trouble , who help me ?
almost ,  arah+ila+ira+che+una+saza+tipah+tyrah+pykah+intan will hepl me . 
when we in trouble ,
friend will hepl you . 
and when friend in trouble , we most to help ther too .
so don`t make a row at we friend ,
my friend , no`t your friend .
so take care with your friend .
i thing friend is very important .
cause without friend we can start a new live .
i love you very-very much lah friend 
afiey+arah+ila+ira+che+una+saza+tipah+tyrah+pykah+intan=we arr best friend !

love you all always !

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